Numbers driving the need for training


Did you know that only 1% of a typical week is focused on training and development?

Training is often undervalued. It can be an afterthought or lower down the budget list. In sport, managers do not bring in expensive and highly skilled players and then stop training them.

However, effective and relevant training can help you to:

  • Remain competitive
  • Keep up with the latest industry practices and ever-changing technical standards
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations


Maintaining a consistent level of learning across your organization can be complex. That is why you need to ensure that all personnel receive high-quality training.

Quality is key

An organization’s greatest asset is its workforce. Unlocking their full potential is essential to creating a successful business. Employees must receive training that promotes continuous personal and professional development.

There are several statistics to consider:

  • 7 out of 10 people said that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay
  • 87% of millennials said that professional development or career growth opportunities are very important
  • A third of training hours were delivered with a combination of training methodologies
  • 60% of time spent on training can be saved by automation and self-training through a learning management system (LMS)
  • 24% increased profit margins were experienced by organizations that offered training


Add to these, the increasing number of people working from home or multiple sites, including remote locations, and the traditional classroom model may not always deliver optimum training.

Strong leadership and skills are key

Effective leadership and management can power a business towards success. To achieve this, the leadership team must be highly skilled and capable of implementing its knowledge in the workplace.

How we can help

SGS Academy can provide you with the skills and knowledge to transform your people and business. Whatever your industry, wherever you operate, we have a training solution to suit.

We take a data-centric approach, operate in over 100 countries, provide in excess of 20,000 courses, in more than 20 languages, all delivered by over 1,000 tutors.

Meet your evolving needs

We offer face-to-face, virtual, eLearning and blended courses, as well as customized training.

Standards-based training

We provide ISO management systems training for various levels of employee, such as introduction, internal, lead auditor and implementation courses. We also offer other technical training subjects to improve business processes.

Industry-based training

We offer industry-specific workforce development solutions across many areas, such as food, medical, healthcare, information security and automotive.

Subject area training

Our training content covers domain knowledge and skills in specific areas, such as business improvement, social responsibility and compliance.

A data-centric approach

Everyone is unique and learns in different ways. It makes practical and economic sense to find adaptable, intuitive training solutions that can be tailored to meet organizational and individual expectations. Training must focus on relevant and memorable content.

As the global leader in certification, our vast dataset of industry pain points spans over 39 industries across the globe and over 200,000 customers, allowing us to identify gaps and develop custom learning solutions.

For learners, for management

SGS Academy’s customized LMS is fully integrated with’s Global Training Schedule.

The LMS provides employees and management with online access to relevant training and continuous professional development. It makes learning easier to organize, record and undertake consistently at a global level.



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